Slightly longer draft letter for EU Election

The draft letter below contains some specimen questions.

You could replace some or all of these questions with others that you prefer.
You may wish to use some of the questions in this information pack.

Dear [Candidate]

I am a voter in the Ireland South constituency, where you are a candidate in the election on 7 June. My ranking of candidates will be based on what they promise to do, as elected MEPs, to pressure Israel to end its oppression of the Palestinians.

There should be no need for me to recite to you the horrors that Israel is inflicting on the people of Gaza. However you may not be aware that, while world attention is focussed on Gaza, Israel is also conducting a murderous campaign in the West Bank. But, for brevity, I will not list these horrors either.

Irish people, from all walks of life, are demanding that our country takes action to put pressure on Israel to end its barbarity. We expect our public representatives, at all levels, to reflect this concern.

To help me decide how I will vote on 7 June, I want to ask you a few short questions:

1. What will you do to reflect the concerns of Irish people on Gaza if you are elected to the EU Parliament?

2. Noting that both Cork City and Cork County councils have passed resolutions declaring all of Cork to be an Apartheid Free Zone, what will you do to make sure that the EU imposes sanctions on Israel for its commission of the crime of Apartheid against the Palestinian people?

3. What else do you consider you could do in relation to Palestine, and in particular to influence EU actions in support of a viable long-term solution which recognises the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination?

I look forward to receiving your replies. These will influence my voting decisions and the discussions I will have have with my family, friends, work colleagues and other people that I meet, both in the run-up to the election and afterwards.

[My name]