European Election 2024: Ireland South constituency

As a resident of Cork, your EU constituency is Ireland South.

Between now and 7 June, use your power as a EU voter to help Palestine.

Let the candidates know how strongly you feel about Palestine.
Below, we give you all the candidate email addresses we can find.

Issues you may wish to mention

You decide what to say to the candidates.
But here are some issues to consider.

We have also noticed that the WhichCandidate website (associated
with the University of Limerick) has asked all candidates the following question:
[Should the] EU should suspend its trade agreement with Israel?

All the email addresses we can find

Here are the candidates' email addresses and their answers to the above question.

Helping you to start your message
An email in your own words would be best.
But, to give you some ideas, here are some possibilities - chop and change them all you want:

CPSC CLG contact details:

Our contact details are exactly the
same as they have been for many years:

Cork Palestina Solidarity Campaign